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Stability & Core



The poor movement and position of the joint is determined by specific nerve receptors (detectors). The proprioreceptors are position detectors and nociceptors are injury detectors that give us pain. It is an over activity from these receptors along the nerve that is believed, changes or interferes with normal nerve function.


By correcting the movement, position and therefore propriception and nociception of the joint this decreases the excess nerve information leading to poor function and pain. 



The use of small needles to restore or improve the function of altered or dysfunctional tissue. Improvement of function and the effect on the nervous system can effectively and efficiently decrease pain in many muscle and joint injuries.
The altered tissue is often a trigger point which is a tight band or nodule of muscle fibres within a muscle.


By needling these fibres directly it is possible to decrease activity of the nerve and therefore the muscle resulting in decreased tension and pain.


Shoulder Massage

the manipulation of muscle and connective tissue layers for relaxation, and to improve or restore altered tissue function. Which commonly involves the decrease of muscle tension, and pain.

During the manipulation of these layers an increase blood flow may be achieved which can aid in the healing of the tissue and the decrease in tension of a hypertonic (tight) muscle.


Physical Therapy

Correct posture is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy spine. Bad posture does increase the damaging forces at a joint and can lead to injury and early degeneration.

Many patients have had slowly increasing back pain for seemingly no explained reason. This is commonly due to incorrect posture and a lack of stabilisation. Posture in our every day activities, like sitting at our work desk, repetitive lifting of heavy equipment and even sleeping can be damaging over time if incorrect.

Stability & Core

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Strengthening, stabilisation, coordination and Core work enables a joint to function at its optimum, to be at its strongest and most stable, decreasing the chance of future injury.

​At all joints in the body there is a certain amount of stability and sequence of function necessary, for smooth safe movement.

Alignment is obvious when it comes to decreasing wear and tear on the joints, but stability, strength and coordination are just as important.

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